Job opening in Aurigene

Department: Cells & Molecular Biology

Work Location: Bangalore

No. of position: 2

Qualification: M.Sc. with 3-5years’ experience

Key responsibilities:  

  • To work as part of drug discovery project teams in both internals and collaboration programs.
  • Conduct cell based assays and molecular biology experiments using primary cells and cell lines.
  • Establish various high throughput in-vitro assays for screening of molecules such as proliferation assay, ELISA, Western Blot analysis, In-cell-western assay, reporter assay, qPCR etc.
  • Experience with target validation experiments using techniques such as knock down using siRNA, shRNA & CRISPR is an added advantage.
  • Able to troubleshoot experiments, analyse data and prepare scientific presentations.
  • Independently design and execute experiments and present data to cross functional teams.

Interested candidates with relevant experience may send their resume to

For more details, please call at +91-9590737048.

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