A new B.Tech program in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad has announced a new B. Tech. program in Biomedical Engineering. This will be a unique program that trains engineers in next generation healthcare technologies and prepare them to work at the frontiers of healthcare innovation in the deep-tech industry or academia.

As an IITH Biomedical engineer one can expect to be trained to design medical devices, develop 3D tissue imagers, crunch mountains of healthcare data, recognize patterns in health and disease, simulate and predict spread of epidemics, create in-silico brain-spinal systems, move prosthetics with thoughts, 3D print a cornea, bone or skin, develop nanoparticles to fight tumors or burn them down with ultrasound, design implants, regenerate organs from stem cells, create bio sensors on a chip, model impact on body, craft algorithms that mimic our body and brain and much more.

The curriculum of the program is designed around 4 verticals – bio-imaging/sensing, biomechanics, bio-materials & bio-intelligence / AI. They rest on a single horizontal – core training in physiology, anatomy, systems science, mathematics, circuits, instrumentation, mechanics and algorithms. In designing the curriculum, the successful Master’s program in Biomedical Engineering provided the basis, and the depth of our research and industry collaborations.

The X-factor in this novel program is an advanced module on medical product design, entrepreneurship, regulatory affairs and clinical immersion, that brings in a core product design and development focus. A lot of these are the result of learnings from the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship which is being run by the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The alumni of Biomedical Engineering department of IIT Hyderabad are spread around the globe in the best of healthcare technology companies and at leading research labs. To explore more, visit https://bme.iith.ac.in/assets/pages/btech.html.

At present, 10 faculty members from diverse backgrounds are part of BME department. Find more details here https://bme.iith.ac.in/assets/pages/faculty.html.

For further details about the program contact

Program Coordinator: mohanr@bme.iith.ac.in


Head, BME renujohn@bme.iith.ac.in

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