Job opening in Syngene

Syngene International Ltd. is hiring a Cell Culture Scientist.

Experience/Qualification: M.Sc with 3-6 years/ M.Tech with 1-3 years. PhD not required.

Skill set required:

  • Knowledge and experience with mammalian cell culture technologies and theory. Perform adherent and suspension cell culture, support process development and process characterization.
  • Experience in stable and transient transfection for recombinant protein/ antibody expression is a must.
  • Experience in Insect cell expression is an advantage.
  • Should have worked with and maintained variety of mammalian cell line, such as CHO, HEK etc. Well versed with aseptic techniques required to work in a cell culture laboratory.
  • Well versed in other Immunological/mol-bio techniques
  • ELISA, Flow cytometry and western blot etc.
  • Work according to establish Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) and regulatory guidance.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, self- motivation, adaptability and a positive attitude.

Email your CV to


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