Job opening in Syngene

Biocon Bristol Myers Squibb, Syngene International Limited, Bangalore is hiring. 

Position: Senior Research Associate – Translational Medicine Team. 

Qualification: M.Tech/MS/M.Engg/PhD.

Experience: Masters >4 years or Fresh Ph.D.

Discovery and Translational Medicine at BBRC/Syngene is seeking an experienced Scientist to support novel translational research programs spanning multiple therapeutic areas in oncology, immunology and fibrosis. As a member of this group. successful candidates are responsible to design, develop and establish robust assays and platform technologies that support biomarker discovery, target engagement and early target ideation efforts. Candidates must exhibit an energetic and innovative approach to problem solving. Experience in assay automation workflows and understanding of programming computational concepts is a bonus. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a desire to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment is required.

Technical skills:

  1. Broad experience in biochemical and cell-based assays with theoretical understanding and troubleshooting skills.
  2. Experience in human blood and tissue handling or primary cell isolation, culture and assays (mechanistic, cytokine/chemokine).
  3. Ability to design a new assay from the ground up with assay platforms such as multimode plate readers, flow cytometry, MSD etc would be good.
  4. Experience in assay automation would be good to have. This could include independent handling of Janus/Tecan/Fluent liquid handlers, proven ability to write protocols for assay automation.
  5. Should be an independent contributor with an ability to work with multiple teams, establish and stick to deadlines, diligently maintain experimental records, and have good verbal and written communication skills.

If interested, please share your resume on

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