Wrig Nanosystems offers novel at-home-blood-testing medical devices

Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd founded by Ambar Srivastava in 2009. Based in New Delhi, Wrig Nanosystems is a bioelectronics/biosensors company developing novel at-home-blood-testing medical devices.

Ambar Srivastava, founder, completed his Bachelors & Masters Dual Degree in Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology from IIT Delhi (2008). He has expertise in biosensors & bioelectronics. He was awarded MIT – TR35 in 2013 for inventing TrueHb Hemoglobin Monitioring kit.

Ambar talks to Bio Patrika about his entrepreneurship journey.

Can you tell us about Wrig Nanosystems?

Wrig Nanosystems is bioelectronics/biosensors company, focusing on developing novel products for the purpose of at-home-blood-testing. Our first product is a pocket-sized point of care hemoglobin testing device, TrueHb, that measures total hemoglobin in the blood within a minute. With over 60,000 installations, TrueHb, based upon the patented technology (patented at USPTO, invented by me), is the market leader in the Indian market for Hemoglobin testing. 


Where did you find the initial spark to become an entrepreneur?

Since my childhood, I had always wanted to build stuff and had developed an intense inclination towards applied research. During my engineering in Biotechnology I got fascinated and attracted by the field of bioelectronics. While pursuing the same, it quickly became apparent that bioelectronics was upcoming applied research field and that I had fallen in love with the scientific area. When you develop globally novel products, it is quite natural to become an entrepreneur. 

Can you tell us about your vision and inspiration behind Wrig Nanosystems?

In our view, the biggest impact on people’s lives is the impact of their life-expectancy itself. The longer the people live, the leaner & wiser the society would become. While pharma only has the power to treat diseases, Bioelectronics has the power to predict, prevent and treat diseases or impairments caused by aging as it is the mother scientific area for developing diagnostics, implants, smart prosthetics, artificial organs, etc. Wrig is derived from our first Veda, Rigveda. The name is a constant inspiration for creating new knowledge.

Can you tell us about the challenges you had to face as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur one’s perpetual responsibility is to learn different functions (sales, marketing, branding, culture, C&B, Finance, Compliances, Legals, IPR, recruiting, manufacturing, operations, supply chain, procurement, research, engineering, design, Regulatory affairs, etc. and many more) end to end and rapidly. People who look great on paper do not always turn out to be so great and therefore need the entrepreneur’s directions in driving their function at the right ROI & terms.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I believe my younger self did right. If I were to live again, I would love to go through the same journey again. For juniors – they have to be truly themselves. Their own definition of their optimum self (interests, purpose of life, capabilities, expertise, passions, Ikigai, etc.) has to be pure and unadulterated by friends, family, peers, society and their biased opinions/constraints/beliefs/myopicity.

Which is the most probable “science-fiction” scenario that you think could become a reality, specifically concerning healthcare diagnostics?

I am not a big movie fan.

What are your future plans?

Wrig Nanosystems is bioelectronics/biosensors company focusing on developing novel products for the purpose of at-home-blood-testing.

Laboratory space

Wrig Nanosystems Private Limited
170, Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi, India – 110092
Company website- http://www.aeonlife.io

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