Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) Video Competition

Are you A Science enthusiast?

Do you feel the need to communicate scientific discoveries in simple language?

Bio Patrika invites entries for Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) video competition.

Prize worth ₹10,000*

Extended Date: April 17th, 2021

Submit videos on any scientific topic of interest, be it your own research or a well known science topic, to win attractive prizes!!

Submit your entries here:

Video entry


  1. Video content should be original.
  2. The length of the video should not exceed 3 minutes.
  3. Avoid using highly technical terms.
  4. No copyrighted material to be used in video.
  5. Video entries should be in English.

Open for Indians (In India and abroad).

All videos will be shared on Bio Patrika YouTube channel

For any query, write to us at

*T&C apply

Terms and conditions*

Ownership of Work

1.      Submitter, hereby agrees to license the Work (video/article/photos/music/painting) to BioPatrika for the full term of copyright and any extensions thereto on a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide basis.

2.      This license from Submitter to BioPatrika shall include the right to: publish, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, and archive the Work in all forms, now known or later developed. Submitter affirms that he/she has the legal authority to grant these rights (Submitter original work).

3.      Submitter hereby agrees that the names and/or biographical and demographic information of participants, including the Submitter, may be used by BioPatrika without compensation, unless prohibited by law, for promotional purposes of this current and any future contests or similar contests, including, but not limited to, announcement of contest winners and advertisements. BioPatrika agrees to request additional, subsequent permission for the use of any participant’s likeness, image/photograph, and/or voice outside of any of these already provided as part of said Work, in the event the need or desire arises.

Compensation and Prizes

Submitter acknowledges that participation in any contest organized by BioPatrika is voluntary and that no participant will receive financial compensation of any type associated with this submission or from any use of the submission by BioPatrika.

Prizes will be awarded to the submitter and/or any other parties specified in the individual contest language, if such language is present. Prizes are non-transferrable. Awardees are responsible for all taxes, surcharges, and fees applicable to the prizes.

*Applicable to all events, contests and competitions organized by Bio Patrika.

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