Invitation to submit articles

We all get excited about the biology surrounding us. There is so much to it that it becomes complicated for a layman to understand. For any discovery to reach its maximum potential, the masses must understand it. It is easy for a few to understand the biology’s intricacies, but some need explanation in non-scientific language with pictorial representations that make it easy to visualize.

To connect more people to biology (BioKonnect), we invite articles on any topic of your interest (related to biology):

  • Personal career stories
  • Biology/Healthcare innovations
  • Kitchen-science stories
  • Artwork Stories based on biological illustrations
  • News and Views
  • Biology Poems
  • Awards – Winning experience

We seek your help to connect masses to biology through your innovative science communication skills. We would like you to support your articles with simple illustrations, which will make them easy for people to follow.

Let’s Make Science Simple


  1. Free from any plagiarism.
  2. No use of copyright-protected material.
  3. Stories/articles must be original and not published elsewhere.
  4. Word limit 1000 words.
  5. Qualification: Anyone who loves writing.
  6. Must submit your photo (Author Photo) along with brief introduction and current affiliation.
  7. Open to all Indians (Within Indian and abroad).

Why Bio Patrika

Started in 2020, Bio Patrika achieved impressive statistics within a few months. We are viewed 17k+ times and visited 10k+ times by visitors from 60+ countries. We are followed by 700+ people across different social media platforms. Currently, we are available on WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium and Youtube. Our advisors are faculty at premier institutes in India. Bio Patrika platform is to help people share their scientific stories and connect to people. We want your participation to grow and provide you a better place to read about the latest discoveries, success stories, healthcare startups, company founders and CEO interviews, research article author interviews and able to find jobs when you need one. We will duly acknowledge your contributions.

Submit all entries to

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