Job opening in Genixpro

Position: Bioinformatics Specialist (Consumer Genomics)

Location: Work-from-home/remote/flexible

About Us

21st Century Health Analytics ( is award-winning and trusted, personalized wellness company headquartered in Singapore and scaling business operations across Asia. We offer comprehensive Health Screening and Risk Assessment programs by integrating Clinical | Lifestyle | Genetics information, enabling informed health care choices for individuals and families.

Focused on holistic well-being, we research, develop, and market innovative, direct-to-consumer molecular diagnostic tests based on our whole-person integrated care approach – leading the shift from one-size-fits-all to personalized and customized wellness.

About the role

Ideally suited for an independent contributor with an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, s(he) will:

* Develop and deploy data processing workflows, understand functional requirements, develop project execution plan, architect workflow steps including NGS raw data input, data preprocessing, filtering, analytics, imputation, output and storage
* Own and manage complete project lifecycle (build, validate, test, deploy) of machine learning models (SVM, KNN, CNN, Decision Tree). Identify data sources, develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance
* Regularly mine and curate data from published literature, journals etc. to enhance existing products and assess impact on predictive risk assessment models. Optimize data analytics to further improve efficiency and maintainability of current algorithms
* Identify novel biomarkers and develop new product pipeline through data curation of various disease types, drugs (PGx) using text mining, NLP, automation
* Develop and apply novel statistical, bioinformatics, and data mining algorithms, tools and applications including Polygenic Risk Scoring to compute population [ethnicity] specific multi-disease risk assessment scores
* Review literature for PGx panels curated by scientific team to identify genetic variants, disease phenotype, drug response associations, annotation, clinical interpretation and reporting
* Share insights with lab team to regularly update panel design to leverage new research

Skills and experience required

* PhD or Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genetics, Life Sciences or Molecular Biology with deep understanding of human disease genomics
* 3+ years hands-on bioinformatics work experience in Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) or other high-throughput sequencing workflows and data analysis software, preferably in a commercial genomics company
* Sound knowledge of molecular biomarkers and gene panels for diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases and other products including PGx
* Knowledge and use of various biological databases and tools such as NCBI, PubMed, MeSH, OMIM, PharmGKB, dbSNP, COSMIC, Gene Ontology, Genome Browsers, Genome analysis tools
* Strong data mining and machine learning skills, with programming experience designing and prototyping computational algorithms in Perl / Python / R / Java / Matlab
* Good scientific or technical writing ability, presentation, data visualization and communication skills

Your growth opportunity

* Become part of a team helping our corporate clients as well as pharma, hospitals, and health care providers solve complex problems with real world evidence
* See your work lead a sustained behavior change and progress clinical outcomes for patients
* Be challenged and nurtured to grow alongside like-minded individuals passionate about solving real world challenges in healthcare
* Be part of a dynamic, flexible, and fast-paced startup environment conducive to learning and professional growth

Apply here:

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