Job opening in GreenPod Labs

GreenPod Labs is on the lookout for a passionate, skilled and vibrant Plant Biotechnologist, who is eager to build solutions to minimize food waste. If you believe, you are a new horizon’s player, Let’s Connect…!
Apply here:

Executive Summary: GreenPod Labs is an early-stage Agri-biotech start-up developing sustainable solutions to minimize food waste in India. We are based out of Chennai. GreenPod Labs has developed an active packaging sachet that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain. We are looking for a Plant Biotechnologist to work closely with the R&D team on product development and product validation with various fruits and vegetables. The role is key to our accelerated product development plan and will be strategically involved in tasks outside the scope of R&D as well.

Role Description: The position will work closely with the R&D team and you will be involved in studying plant physiology parameters with our product application. This role is expected to bring strong technical skills to innovate and execute the current product validation plans. The Plant Biotechnologist will work with the multidisciplinary team and will be part of the journey to take new products to the market.You will be part of early-stage team in a fast-growing start-up.

Basic Qualifications required:

  • A master’s degree or Ph.D. in plant biotechnology, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, crop science, or a related field is preferred.
  • The Plant Biotechnologist is expected to have deep knowledge about plant physiological and functional properties.
  • Knowledge regarding the application of shelf-life extension strategies to agricultural produces will be helpful.
  • Demonstrated experience in working effectively as a member of a dynamic technical team.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu (The work demands to be in office)

Salary: Based on experience and relevance

Start date: 01 July 2021.

Apply to the role on or before 10 Jun 2021.

For any questions or clarification write to

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