Biopharma Industry Mentor Match Program (BIMP)


The Biopatrika Biopharma Industry Mentor Match Program (BIMP) offers B.E./B. Tech, Masters, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to select a mentor from a pool of experienced personnel, composed of industry and pharma professionals.

The program aims to help researchers coming from vivid backgrounds better understand the career options available within the industry, as well as how to successfully transition into a career of their interest. In addition, the program aims to provide participants with a meaningful network of industry professionals.    

We understand the problems faced by life science students and believe that mentorship is a potential solution to these challenges. There is a need to bridge the gap between academia and industry and provide career guidance to students early on to help advance them in their profession.

BIMP is a unique setup not only beneficial for the mentee in industry selection but the mentors also get a chance to develop leadership skills by guiding an individual to the right career path. 


  • One-on-one mentoring (mentors and mentees will be paired based on common areas of interest)
  • Career guidance from experienced professionals
  • Flexible program tailored to your schedule (via Slack Workspace)
  • Networking opportunities

Who can become a mentor?

Anyone working in the biopharma/healthcare industry who has valuable experiences to share and believes in providing guidance and support to help others in the decision making process.

Eligibility – Industry professionals who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to participate in trainee mentoring programs:

  1. Have more than 3 years of industry experience.
  2. Are actively engaged in the biopharmaceutical/healthcare industry or consulting.
  3. Are willing and able to be accessible to mentees and devote adequate time required as per the program. 
  4. Up-to-date LinkedIn profile (your online profile would be reviewed as a part of application review process)

Professional Conduct – Professionals participating in mentoring programs are expected to observe good conduct in accord with the culture of respect. We realize that not all mentoring relationships will be productive. If a mentor deems a mentoring relationship to be unsuccessful, they should inform both the trainee and the program organizers. BioPatrika reserves the right to remove a mentor from the program any time at the sole discretion of the BioPatrika mentoring advisory committee.                    

Interested in becoming a mentor? 

To request more information on our BIMP program please click THIS LINK and complete the form. 

Note: Mentees enrollment form coming soon.

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