Job opening in Dr. Reddys

Research Associate-CLD

We are hiring cell line development experts (1-4 yrs of relevant exp.) with Dr.Reddys, Hyderabad. interested in relocating to Hyderabad can apply across ”

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Job Description :

  1. Molecular biology: Cloning to prepare constructs and preparation of transfection grade DNA for vector constructs to enable cell line development. 
  2. Participate in experiment design, follow instructions and perform experiments, keep accurate records, generate and collate data for analysis and discussion to make meaningful conclusions in order to establish high expressing stable cell lines effectively by:
    1. Establishing stable pools with different constructs.
    2. Evaluation and selection of top pools based on fed-batch study.                     
    3. Semi-solid plating of top pools for clone screening and selection.                   
    4. Evaluation of top clones for productivity in a fed-batch study using scale down models for cell culture and shale flasks.                                                   
    5. Establishing research cell banks (RCB’s)                                                       
    6. Determining preliminary generational stability of the top clones.                       
    7. Selection of top clones based on productivity, stability and quality.                 
    8. Establishing medium sized RCB’s for top clones to enable development and campaign studies in cell line and process development space.                      
  3. Learn techniques, execute experiments with expected quality as per the instructions and defined procedures and maintain precise records of data to enable troubleshooting at any point.                                                                 
  4. Actively participate in data analysis and prepare presentations for discussion in CLD department meetings.       
  5. Remain current in the field by review of relevant scientific literature and attendance at appropriate scientific seminars and conferences.

Department : Biologics
Open Positions : 1

Skills Required : Molecular biology, Cell culture, Cell Line Development

Location : Biologics Divison, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, Bachupally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Education/Qualification : M.Sc – Technology

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