Job opening in immunitoAI

We are #hiring for the position of Scientist – Molecular Biology/Biochemistry !!

Antibodies are an excellent candidate for Targeted Therapy but what prevents them from being rampantly used as a medication today is the time and cost that goes into discovering novel antibodies. At immunitoAI, we want to overcome this hurdle by using Aritificial Intelligence to assist us in Antibody Discovery and Screening.

But it goes without saying that the AI prediction in Biology needs to go hand in hand with inventions in the lab. Biological research and validation with a continuous feedback loop between the dry lab and wet lab lies at the core of our company. We are in the search of talented individuals who can bring in that biological expertise required to complement the computational scientists.

If you are that Someone, motivated to solve real-world problems at exceptional speed and want to take up key positions in the company, becoming a part of the core-team in a fast-growing start-up, follow the link below for a detailed Job Description. Click on the “Apply” button next to the Job Description to fill the application form.

JD and Application Form:

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