Job opening inBiocon-Bristol-Myers-Squibb R & D Centre, Syngene International Limited

Hiring for the below position at Biocon-Bristol-Myers-Squibb R & D Centre, Syngene International Limited.

Designation: Team Leader/Senior Team Leader
Job Location: Bangalore
Department: BBRC-Biopharmaceutics
Education: PhD (Full-Time) (Must) in Pharmaceutics / Industrial Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Technology or related field(s)
Experience: 6 to 12 Years

To lead a team of scientists for developing preclinical & clinical formulations of new chemical entities (NCEs)..

Key Responsibilities:

1. Provide scientific leadership within Pharmaceutics domain to identify developable drug candidates, which includes:
· Pre-formulation (physicochemical characterization, polymorphism, chemical degradation)
2. Lead projects & guide the team on development of different formulation(s), like solution, suspension, tablet, capsule.
3.     Competency in understanding & assessing biopharmaceutics risks towards potential solubility & absorption issues with NCEs, which includes utilization of various in vitro, in silico & in vivo tools.
4.     Good understanding of various novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) to improve oral bioavailability of a challenging NCE.

If interested or know anyone who would be interested, Please write to me on for a detailed Job Description and also share your resume.

Please mention “BBRC-BPH-Team Leader” in the Subject line.

#syngene #Biopharmaceutics

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