Job opening in miBiome

miBiome Therapeutics LLP is looking for a Bioinformatician to work on some of their genomics initiatives. It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in genomics and it’s analysis. Do check out the job in the description below.

This position is responsible for Next generation sequencing data analysis for prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms in customer facing projects involving but not limiting to:

1) Whole genome assembly and annotation, comparative genomics, exome analysis, DNA methylation analysis, trancsriptome assembly, gene expression and visualisation of multi-layer data for coding and non-coding RNAs, neural network analysis and metagenomics analysis (WGS, RNA Seq, RIP Seq, ChIP Seq, Bisulfite sequencing)

2) Ability to implement Bioinformatics software, perform statistical analysis and customize data presentation or visualization depending on the need of the project.

3) Possess basic systems biology and DNA and RNA domain knowledge to perform genome scale metabolic pathway analysis and phenotype–genotype correlations.

4) Proficiency in Linux/Unix shell scripting and a good command on R.

5) Coding in Python or Perl is desirable

Performance Objectives:

  • Understanding data analysis and computation needs for every project and delivering the analysis report within the agreed turn around time
  • Planning and prioritizing tasks with the Bioinformatics team to meet delivery timelines of ongoing projects, ensuring readiness of pipeline for upcoming projects, communicating unexpected delays in the analysis timeline that may impact TAT.
  • Presenting work updates and reports as and when required
  • Staying abreast with new tools or methods pertaining to the relevant areas
  • Demonstrating teamwork, good communication skill
  • Maintaining ethical conduct

Educational Qualification: Masters (M.Sc./M.Tech) or Ph.D in Bioinformatics

Overall Years of Experience: 2-5 Years

Apply here:

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