Infographic: Breastfeeding Advantages and Benefits with Contraindicating factors on Maternal and Infant health outcomes

Breast milk is far superior and unique for feeding infants. It is of changing composition as it is the secretion of the mammary glands rather than a uniform body fluid. There are many changes between different stages of milk secretion like foremilk, hindmilk, colostrum, transitional or mature milk. The changes are also observed during lactation and even between different timings in a day. Tremendous research studies have highlighted its nutritional, developmental, social, immunological, psychological, economic, environmental, and health-related benefits due to breastfeeding practice and from breast milk itself. Breastfeeding improved both maternal and infant health outcomes in developing and industrialized countries in the world. This infographic review throws light on the collective benefits due to breastfeeding for mothers and their babies through selected articles obtained from search engines like “PubMed,” “Google Scholar,” “Research Gate,” and other Independent Indian and International peer-reviewed Journals conducted throughout the world. This infographic focuses on the unique benefits of breast milk on overweight, infections, diabetes, obesity, neurodevelopmental problems, malignant diseases, and reducing necrotizing enterocolitis. Other major benefits to the baby and the mothers are also included in this discussion. Certain contraindications for breastfeeding and supplementation for breastfed infants are also highlighted in this study. The promotion of breastfeeding must be ensured through simple, inexpensive, but effective ways. Finally, breastfeeding should be regarded as a primary requirement rather than viewing it as a lifestyle choice alone.

Infographic on Breastfeeding  Advantages  and  Benefits  with  Contraindicating  factors  on  Maternal  and   Infant  health  outcomes

About Illustrator: Emi Grace Mary Gowshika. R holds a B.Sc and Master degree in Food Service Management and Dietetics (Women’s Christian College, Chennai). She has also certified in Pregnancy Nutritionist and is currently doing her Ph.D in Nutrition and Diet (Women’s Christian College, Chennai). She is also working as Women Health &  Nutritionist in Puberty2Menopause & Pregnancy Nutritionist in SheBirth where she consults Pregnant women & give them personalised Diets for healthy Normal Delivery by reducing complications like Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and many associated conditions by educating them. Follow her on instagram @nutrigrow_diet_consultations

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