Job opening in Syngene


We are hiring for the below position at Biocon Bristol Myers Squibb, Syngene International Limited.

Education and Experience : PhD in computational chemistry or computer aided drug discovery with 3 to 4 Years of relevant experience.
Department : Computer aided drug design (CADD)
Location : Bangalore

Key Responsibilities: 

•   Provide comprehensive and impactful Computer aided drug design support to drug discovery programs.
•   Demonstrate an understanding of full spectrum of project SAR (in vitro biology, DMPK, structural and computational).
•   Work in close collaboration with medicinal chemists.
•   Present plans, progress and results at CADD, chemistry and project team meetings.
•   Identify and implement the best computational techniques to address specific problems.
•   Maintain a good awareness of the literature related to the project and the discipline
•   Maintain good records and provide data as required.

Technical/functional Skills: 

•   Proficiency in structure and ligand based computational approaches – theory: molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics; Methods: docking, pharmacophore modelling, molecular dynamics simulation, QM calculations.
•   Proficiency in statistical methods
•   Proficiency in physical organic chemistry
•   Proficiency in Python and/or Unix Shell scripting
•   Experience in working with interdisciplinary teams such as medicinal chemistry, biology and DMPK scientist
•   Experience in disease areas such as oncology, immunology, cardiovascular and fibrosis

If interested or know anyone who would be interested, Please share the profile on

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