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The Phd Code S1 EP1: Bringing Art to Science Bio Patrika Podcast

  1. The Phd Code S1 EP1: Bringing Art to Science
  2. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP17: Linking miRNA export to Extracellular Vesicles – A paradigm change in the understanding of cancer epigenetics
  3. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP16: Biomimetic microvasculature-on-a-chip for drug screening applications
  4. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP15: RNA-based biosensors win a race for metabolite-sensing in cells
  5. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP14: Raman spectroscopy- an emerging analytical technique in biopharmaceuticals
  6. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP13: Machine-free DNA amplification using triangular gold and silver nanoparticles
  7. Vigyan PAtrika S2 EP12: How ubiquitylation regulates entry of PolγA into mitochondria?
  8. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP11: Deciphering the architecture of multiphasic biomolecular condensates
  9. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP10: Novel drugs block TRPV6 calcium channel like a natural plug
  10. Vigyan Patrika S2 EP9: Mechanisms of therapy induced senescence reversal