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With changing world, science career paths no longer follow conventional trajectories starting with degree > PhD > postdoc(s) and finally independent Investigator/Scientist. It is often confusing and frustrating to choose one path over another. With the recent merger of social media with science, people choose science communication as a lucrative job option. But for many, it is not an easy-to-go option. Although there are many science career options both in academia and industry, there is no platform that could help young minds grab these opportunities. How to decide whether to join a PhD program or industry, whether to go for a postdoc or look for non-academic opportunities, what fellowships and awards are available or how to gain transferable skills relevant to make the transition to industry. This remains a big question in the minds of students and researchers. To bridge the gap and provide real-life stories about different career paths one could choose, we created Science Career Stories (#sciencecareerstories) under the BioKonnect platform.

The first-person accounts about science career stories available here will serve as a guide and career coach for readers. You can connect yourself with these stories from diverse backgrounds and see how people make their decisions at different stages. We hope these stories will inspire you and help you with career decision making.

You can listen to stories on Podcast: anchor and spotify.

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Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Tell your journey/experience in the form of a captivating story. Please don’t list things as you do in resume/CV.
  2. Restrict article length to less than 1000 words (maximum 5 minute read).
  3. Support your story with examples, context, ideas, thoughts and circumstances behind a particular action.
  4. Must be working in the field of Biology/life sciences/healthcare or related field.
  5. Must provide:
    1. Title for your story.
    2. A short biographical paragraph about you.
    3. Profile photo.
    4. 2-3 photos highlighting personal and scientific journey.