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  • Webinar: How to get Hands on training during Pandemic
    Ongoing pandemic has affected all of us. Science graduates are one of the worst hit category. They have no option to get hands on training due to closure of colleges. To fill this gap and to provide hands-on experience at your home, few companies like this Cambrionics Life science and Fabettolabs come up with innovative ideas. Want to know more and benefit from these innovative ideas to learn more while staying safe at home? Biopatrika brought to you first webinar as part of our Biopatrika Industry Mentorship Program (#BIMP).
  • Biopharma Industry Mentor Match Program (BIMP)
    Overview The Biopatrika Biopharma Industry Mentor Match Program (BIMP) offers B.E./B. Tech, Masters, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to select a mentor from a pool of experienced personnel, composed of industry and pharma professionals. The program aims to help researchers coming from vivid backgrounds better understand the career options available within the industry,Continue reading “Biopharma Industry Mentor Match Program (BIMP)”
  • Invitation to submit articles
    To connect more people to biology (BioKonnect), we invite articles on any topic of your interest (related to biology).
  • Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) Video Competition
    Bio Patrika invites entries for Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) video competition. Submit videos on any scientific topic of interest, be it your own research or a well known science topic, to win attractive prizes!!

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