Bio Patrika Volume 2, Issue 1

First issue of Bio Patrika 2021 is available now as combined PDF with compilation of 14 author interviews, 3 Healthcare startup founder interviews and 1 article on awards published online between December 2020 to January 2021.

Bio Patrika interviews Dr. Chakrabarti on her thoughts about “injury mediated training of the innate immune system”

Dr. Sveta Chakrabarti’s interview with Bio Patrika hosting “Vigyan Patrika”, a series of author interviews. Dr. Chakrabarti is currently working as an India Alliance (Wellcome/DBT) Postdoctoral Fellow in Prof. Sandhya S. Visweswariah at the Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development, and Genetics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr. Chakrabarti published a paper entitled “Intramacrophage ROS Primes the Innate Immune System via JAK/STAT and Toll Activation” as a first and senior author in Cell Reports journal (2020).