From micro to macro: How I walked from a lab to a newsroom

Aswathi Pacha is a science journalist with The Indian Express. As her Twitter bio points, she was on her way to becoming a scientist, but spacetime warped, making her a science communicator. Aswathi studied B.Sc microbiology and M.Sc Marine Sciences before moving to science journalism. She has over four years of experience with two national newspapers, The Hindu and The Indian Express.

How My Curiosity for Food Led Me to A Career in Food Science

My journey in science started with my curiosity over natural phenomena occurring in our universe. This inquisitiveness gave me an increased focus on subjects like physics and biology during my high-school education. Particularly, I was greatly drawn by the concept of the food web and how the whole ecosystem is interconnected by the common factor “food”. 

The journey of becoming one of a “kind” scientist

Jaishree is a first-generation Ph.D. graduate specializing in Plant Ecological Genomics. Having a Bachelor’s and Master’s from Miranda House, University of Delhi, she has recently finished a Ph.D. from the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAe). She is a science communicator, science policy advisor and an equal rights advocate.

From an offshore engineer to an AI scientist in medicine: life’s like that

Dr. Nilakash (Neel) Das is clinical data scientist, whose work lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and respiratory medicine. As a budding researcher, he has co-authored more than 15 scientific publication. He is also an inventor of two patented algorithms for respiratory diagnostics, and is a recipient of several clinical science awards. Neel completedContinue reading “From an offshore engineer to an AI scientist in medicine: life’s like that”

An extraordinary journey inspiring the ordinary

Dr. Ved Prakash wants to lead a tension free and meaningful life and help others do the same. He believes in freedom, family time, travel and positive global impact. Despite having a humble beginning, he is a big dreamer and he strives to bring ideas to reality for the benefit of the society. Completing most of his education in India is very thankful to his well-wishers for creating a thriving environment for his growth and the critics for challenging him at various stages of his life. He finished his PhD in the field of nanotechnology and its biomedical applications from the University of Chicago and currently works as a Research scientist at the University of Texas, Dallas. In parallel to his full time career as a scientist, he puts in extra hours to become an entrepreneur and runs two companies, which are currently operational in four countries. His first business is in the field of entrepreneurship education ensuring the next generation of entrepreneurs do not have to struggle similarly to bring their ideas to reality. His second business is into health consulting so that people can lead a well-balanced life and stay away from chronic lifestyle disorders. Outside of that, he works with aspiring entrepreneurs to build their ideal future on similar lines.

The story of a young, talented, and driven girl who is on the journey to become a successful science artist

Ms. Rutuja Dattatray Chalke is a science illustrator determined to embark on her successful journey in scientific illustration. She has completed her Master’s in Biotechnology from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. She did her Master’s dissertation from the Chemistry Department at IIT Bombay under the guidance of Dr. Ruchi Anand. Her dissertation project was based on “Dynamic studies of methyltransferase to understand the molecular basis of recognition and methylation.” She started her professional career as a copy editor at Scholarly Editing and Translation Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. She simultaneously did a certificate course in graphic design from Xavier Institute of Communications, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. Currently, she is a full-time UI/UX designer at Techstalwarts LLP, Mumbai, and a part-time freelance science illustrator. She creates scientific illustrations, zines, infographics, and 2D animations to communicate science engagingly; her artworks are available on Instagram under ‘Tela di scienza.’

The Uphill Battle to the Pinnacle….The Journey of Dr. Parashram Jakappa Patil

This is the story of an ordinary village boy. A journey of dreams and aspirations. It is the story of a boy from an agricultural family who shaped himself as an international expert at prestigious organizations such as the United Nations. This is the story of one of India’s finest young agricultural and natural resources economists and social scientists. It is a story of not giving up on your hopes, no matter what. Despite the limited financial resources, the orthodox village mentality, the prevailing sub-par rural education system, the agricultural bend, and the expectations to share the family workload, he believed that knowledge is the only way out of this vicious cycle.

Women in science: I am a woman, a wife, a mother, and a scientist!

Dr. Manveen K Sethi serves as Instructor of Biochemistry at the Boston University School of Medicine, USA. She did her Ph.D. at Macquarie University (MQ), Australia, under the primary supervision of Dr. Morten Thaysen-Andersen,where she utilized mass spectrometry proteomics and glycomics analysis to understand underlying molecular mechanisms in colorectal cancer . After her Ph.D., she joined Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), USA, as a postdoctoral associate under Prof. Joseph Zaia, where she is currently employed in a research faculty-track position of Instructor. Her research work involves identifying and characterizing biomolecules such as proteins and glycans using mass spectrometry techniques and utilizing this information to understand biomolecular deregulation in human diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, she received a Bright Focus Foundation fellowship award to investigate extracellular matrix changes in Alzheimer’s disease.