Biopatrika Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) Video Competition Winners

Last year Biopatrika opened up the Three Minute Vigyan (3MV) Video competition to allow video submissions, with the only requirement being that the submission had to adhere to time limit of “Three minutes.”

Overall, we got 27 submissions from 26 different participants, representing school, college and industry around the globe. Each of the video was incredible on its own, which made picking winners difficult. After a rigorous judging process, we chose the top 2 in junior category (School students) and top three in Senior category. The video entries have been judged based on the merit of their presentation and quality of communication and not the quality of the content.

Thanks to the judges!

All video entries are uploaded to Biopatrika YouTube channel. Do Like, Share and Subscribe.

Twitter Feed #3MV

Winners in junior category. YouTube entry 12 and 3.

Winners in senior category. YouTube entry 24, 26 and 6.


1st Prize: Rs. 3000

2nd Prize: Rs. 1500

Third Prize: Rs. 750

School student entries will receive Rs. 200 as token of appreciation.

Prizes will be distributed in the form of Amazon coupon by email.

All participants will receive certificate by email shortly.

Thanks all for your enthusiasm and participation.

Stay home, stay safe.

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