The T Cells

T cells,
in the thymus they dwell,
fighting all villains,
visible or hidden.

T helpers,
with MHC class- I, they shelter.
Th1, Th2, Th17,
the list goes on umpteen.
Regulatory T cells,
like a principal, regulate all the cells.

T cytotoxic,
to MHC class -II, they are patriotic,
interact with perforin and granzyme.

Together these cells, work just fine,
keeping our immunity in line.

Written by: Dr. Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma is a researcher and earned her PhD degree under the guidance of Professor Tulika Seth, from All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi. Poetry writing is her hobby. Her poems have appeared in various poetry journals and magazines like Harvests of New Millennium, Sky Island Journal, Rewrite Sunlight Anthology, The Ashvamegh International Journal & Literary magazine, VerbalArt. Her poems can be read at:

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