Bone Marrow: The Start of All

Red and yellow, spongy matter,
Squeezed inside the sternum, thigh bones and hip bones,
Sometimes stored, 
To be used later,
For someone of your own.

Red part - a blood making factory,
Stem cells rising to make RBCs, WBCs and Platelets,
Many factors involved, 
Like bees surrounding a nectary,
Working tirelessly, never ever resting.

Yellow part – a supporting stromal partner,
Concoction of adipocytes, chondrocytes, osteocytes,
Serving the microenvironment with great honor,
Working together just right.

Oh! many times ill-luck strikes,
Depleting blood cells from the sites,
Life threatening - aplastic anemia,
Or any leukemia.

But, there’s nothing to worry,
Bone marrow transplant is the answer,
Matching it right with the patient,
To do away with the blood cancer,
A new hope awaits………………………….
Photo created using Biorender

Written by Dr. Vandana Sharma

About poet:

Vandana Sharma is a researcher and earned her PhD degree under the guidance of Professor Tulika Seth, from All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi. Poetry writing is her hobby. Her poems have appeared in various poetry journals and magazines like Harvests of New Millennium, Sky Island Journal, Rewrite Sunlight Anthology, The Ashvamegh International Journal & Literary magazine, VerbalArt. Her poems can be read at:

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