Virender Singh

Founder and Editor

I am an aspiring entrepreneur who enjoys pipetting in the lab, Bird photography, cycling, spending time with my wife and family, traveling and creating great content. Currently, I am Postdoc at Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Twitter @Singh_Virender

Preeti Singh

Co-founder and content manager

I enjoy cooking and exploring healthy cuisines. I am a mathematician by education and always interested to explore new avenues.


Suhail Rizvi

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

His research interests include the interdisciplinary study of biology and mechanics using theoretical and numerical approaches of solid and fluid mechanics and systems biology. He did his B.Tech, and PhD from IIT Kanpur, followed by a three year postdoc at Université Grenoble Alpes and CNRS, Grenoble, France. Apart from research, he is an avid birder and cyclist.

Mohit Kumar Jolly

Assistant Professor at the Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) at IISc Bangalore.

He has completed Bachelor’s and Master’s from IIT Kanpur, and Ph.D. in Bioengineering at Rice University, where he investigated the presence of hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal phenotypes in cancer metastasis. Then, he worked as a Gulf Coast Consortia Postdoctoral Fellow jointly at Rice University and UT MD Anderson Cancer Center with Prof. Herbert Levine and Prof. Samir Hanash, developing data-based and spatially extended computational models for tumor microenvironment, before moving to India.

Besides thinking about systems biology approached to decode cancer metastasis and therapy resistance, He is passionate about effective science communication and outreach, and affiliated with the Centre for Society and Policy at IISc to pursue that realm of interests.

Twitter: @mkjolly15

Copy Editors

Manveen K Sethi

Manveen K Sethi serves as Instructor of Biochemistry at the Boston University School of Medicine, USA.

She did her Ph.D. at Macquarie University (MQ), Australia, under the primary supervision of Dr. Morten Thaysen-Andersen, an internationally recognized researcher in Glycobiology. During her Ph.D., she forayed into colorectal cancer (CRC) research. After her Ph.D., she was offered a postdoctoral research fellowship at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), USA, under Prof. Joseph Zaia, an internationally-acclaimed leader in mass spectrometry (MS) and Glycoscience, where she is currently employed in a research faculty-track position of Instructor. Her research work involves identifying and characterizing biomolecules such as proteins and glycans using mass spectrometry techniques and utilizing this information to understand biomolecular deregulation in human diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition, she also serves as an Instrument Manager for Thermo QExactive HF mass spectrometer at Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry, Boston University, President of Boston Glycobiology Discussion Group (BGDG), and as a reviewer for many renowned scientific journals. She has recently been awarded her first fellowship grant as an independent P.I. from BrightFocus Foundation to investigate the role of extracellular matrix components in AD. Her long-term career objective is to establish an analytical glycobiology research group with a focus on unraveling the biomolecular deregulations in neurodegenerative disorders, specifically AD.

Pragya Gupta

PhD Scholar, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Australia

She is an ardent researcher focussed on cell death, stem cells and novel strategies to treat glioma stem cells of brain tumours, currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s at Banaras Hindu University before a period of research at IIT Kanpur. Besides being trained in Indian classical music, other extramural passions are baking, innovative craftwork and exploring idiosyncrasies of different cultures.

Kshipra S. Kapoor

Ph.D. candidate at Rice University

Kshipra has completed Bachelor’s in Biomedical engineering from University of Mumbai where she was the recipient of institute gold medal and university bronze medal for obtaining the highest GPA in her cohort. She received her master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Rice University, where she is working with Prof. Raghu Kalluri in the field of exosomes. Specifically she is interested in dissecting the exosome heterogeneity between healthy and cancer cells-derived nanovesicles and advancing the understanding of exosomes classes in cancer. In her spare time, Kshipra enjoys keeping fit, cooking, calligraphy and family & friends.  

Kshipra is also involved in various professional development programs and as a first generation-PhD student is helping amplify the voices and stories of minorities in her field via the global organization she is part of ( where she manages the events.


Nivedita is a Postgraduate in Biotechnology, with one year Project Assistantship experience at inStem, DBT. She is currently a UPSC aspirant planning to appear for 2021 CSE. Although switching from science career to focus on governance policy and administration, her love for science remains ever-etched in all that she does. On her journey from a researcher toward public administrator, she believes in the critical role of science communication and journalism in bridging the gap between lab benches and public fields. Being part of BioPatrika is her being one stone laid for that very bridge.


Regulatory Affair Specialist

Pratibha obtained her PhD degree from Indian Institute of Technology where she explored the molecular mechanism of protein misfolding and associated disorders in mammalian cell lines. She continued with her protein misfolding research interest employing C. elegans in the following years while perusing her postdoc at JHSPH, Baltimore and Hebrew university, Israel. At present Pratibha is working as a Regulatory Affair Specialist  in North America.

Sukanya Madhwal

Ph.D. student at inStem Bangalore

Sukanya hails from a small town, kotdwara in Uttarakhand. She completed her Masters’ degree in Biotechnology from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. After this, she served as a graduate teacher for one year at P.G. College, Kotdwara, Uttarakhand. In 2014, she qualified for the JGEEBILS exam conducted by NCBS/TIFR and joined as a Research Scholar (Ph.D. student) in Dr. Tina Mukherjee’s lab at inStem. Currently, she continued working as a bridging post-doc in Dr. Tina Mukherjee’s lab. Besides work, she loves reading non-fiction books, enjoys gardening, and cooking delicious food.

Ashwini Kumar

Dr. Ashwini Kumar did his B. Tech in Biotechnology from Amity University Noida in 2008. He joined Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela for pursuing M. Tech in Biotechnology post qualifying GATE in 2008. After his M. Tech, he worked as a project assistant in a bone tissue engineering project at NIT Rourkela for 6 months. He served as a Lecturer at Department of Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology Raipur from 2012 to 2014, where later he joined as a full time PhD scholar in 2014. He was awarded PhD in December 2020. His primary area of research was broadly based on developing mucoadhesive drug delivery system using polysaccharide biopolymer. His other interests lies in diabetes and tissue engineering.


PhD student at IIT Bombay

Anjali is a CSIR Senior Research Fellow and a PhD student at IIT Bombay. Her research focuses on answering the question of where do new species come from? There are ~10 million complex species on the planet, and in her graduate work, she works towards understanding the molecular basis that leads to the birth of a new species. She is also interested in understanding how randomness decides evolutionary fates of a population, and if microorganisms can be trained to “learn” and “anticipate” environmental changes. Prior to joining the PhD program, Anjali completed her Masters from IIT Kanpur and Bachelor’s from NIT Raipur. She also had short work stints at Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Science and at a Central University in Chhattisgarh. Although not an avid reader, she likes to read fiction in her free time.

Ritvi Shah

Postgraduate at Vikram Sarabhai Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Gujarat. She is a neuroscience enthusiast. Apart from that, she enjoys reading and trying her hand at sciart.

Vikramsingh Gujar

Postdoctoral Scholar at the Northwestern University- Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois.

He did his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Oklahoma State University and his Bachelors, and Masters, in Biotechnology from Nagpur University. His Ph.D. work was focused on understanding the molecular signaling mechanisms behind pain and inflammatory diseases. Currently, he is working as a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Bruce Tan, where he is working on decoding the cellular and molecular signaling behind olfactory loss in patients suffering from Chronic Rhinosinusitis.

Apart from research, he is an automobile enthusiast and an avid runner. Also, in his spare time, he likes to go on long hikes.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh, Ph.D. in Botany from H.N.B. Gharwal Central University is a passionate science graduate with multidisciplinary research experience. She has completed 2years of Post-Doctoral Research at Yeugnam University, Daegu, South Korea where she explored various phytochemicals for therapeutical values. Working on exploring alternatives medicines for liver disorder, eye and lung diseases and developing drug delivery system was her primary research focus. She completed her M.Sc in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology from University of Madras (Ethiraj College for Women). Presently a mother, and exploring her passion for law, she is working on taking Regulatory affairs for pharmaceuticals and herbal drugs organizations.

Nikita N

Nikita Completed her PostGrad in Biotechnology. She has interest in Bioinformatics. Her hobbies include travelling and calligraphy. She is always up for new challenges.

Graphic Illustrator

Isha Parlikar

Isha (@ishapniti) is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology post-graduate from the University of Bremen, Germany. She has worked as a research intern in ACTREC and as a cell culture analyst in Hi-Media Labs, a leading biosciences company in Mumbai. Her research experience both in academia and in the industry, and her deep passion for art has recently led her to engage in the field of science communication – developing engaging visuals for clear, simple and effective communication of scientific concepts. Samples of her sci-comm art projects can be seen at She also plans to tweet her artwork from @sciartsoup.

Rutuja Dattatray Chalke

Ms. Rutuja Dattatray Chalke is a science illustrator determined to embark on her successful journey in scientific illustration. She has completed her Master’s in Biotechnology from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. She did her Master’s dissertation from the Chemistry Department at IIT Bombay under the guidance of Dr. Ruchi Anand. Her dissertation project was based on “Dynamic studies of methyltransferase to understand the molecular basis of recognition and methylation.” She started her professional career as a copy editor at Scholarly Editing and Translation Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. She simultaneously did a certificate course in graphic design from Xavier Institute of Communications, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. Currently, she is a full-time UI/UX designer at Techstalwarts LLP, Mumbai, and a part-time freelance science illustrator. She creates scientific illustrations, zines, infographics, and 2D animations to communicate science engagingly; her artworks are available on Instagram under ‘Tela di scienza.’

Jyotirekha Das

Jyotirekha Das is a Ph.D. graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Her passion for writing and art has inspired her to transit from academia and pursue a career in Scientific Communication. She enjoys traveling to new places, learning about their cultures and scientific breakthroughs, and communicating most effectively.

Content Writer

Khushboo Garg

Khushboo graduated with a B.Tech in Biotechnology from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. Her research interests include molecular biology, immunology and human genetics. She is currently pursuing an internship at a biotech-based startup in Bangalore and She’ll continue to work towards making significant contributions in this area of research.