Frugal Science: Hacking a Fitness Tracker for Continuous Bacterial Growth Monitoring

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Ganga Chinna Rao Devarapu, an expert in photonics. In this interview with Bio Patrika, Dr. Devarapu talks in depth about his journey in the field of photonics, his love for robotics and miniaturization and finally shed some light on his entrepreneurship plans.

Bio Patrika interviews Dr. Jaswal on her thoughts about “role of long-chain fatty acids metabolism in stress response”

Dr. Kanchan Jaswal’s interview with Bio Patrika hosting “Vigyan Patrika”, a series of author interviews. Jaswal has done Ph.D. with Dr. Rachna Chaba at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali. In her PhD, she investigated the interconnection between carbon metabolism, electron transport chain and envelope redox homeostasis in Escherichia coli. In future she would like to address key questions in the area of host-gut microbiome interactions. As part of her PhD, she published a paper entitled “Metabolism of long-chain fatty acids affects disulfide bond formation in Escherichia coli and activates envelope stress response pathways as a combat strategy” as a first author in PLOS Genetics (2020).