Celebrate National Technology Day 2021 with Fibroheal Woundcare Pvt. Ltd.

On the eve of National Technology Day 2021 i.e 11th May, we are happy to inform you that our company M/s Fibroheal Woundcare Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore has been declared as the winner of TDB – National Awards 2020 and won “NATIONAL AWARD FOR TECHNOLOGY START-UPS”We thank Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for this award & recognition.
This award is given to a technology start-up for promising new technology with potential for commercialization. These awards are conferred to various industries provide a platform of recognition to Indian industries and their technology provider, who have worked as a team, to bring innovation to the market and contributed to the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (https://dst.gov.in/12-companies-selected-prestigious-national-technology-awards-2020-commercialization-innovative).

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Startup Name: Fibroheal Woundcare Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Incorporation: 06th April 2017


Project Details: FIBROHEAL WOUNDCARE PVT. LTD. is a biotech start-up working exclusively on “Silk Proteins” as “Biomaterial for Wound Healing”. We are one among the few companies working across the globe on this versatile biomaterial called Silk Protein. We work exclusively on non-textile application of Silk protein to develop most innovative, cost effective wound healing products for acute/chronic wounds or non / slow healing or difficult to heal wounds.

Our research work is well appreciated by the government and supported by Grants and Awards. We are supported by Dept. of Biotechnology Govt. of India, BIRAC, CCAMP, KBITS. CCAMP- Centre for cellular and molecular platforms under ministry of science and technology have also validated our concept and has invested in our company under LEAP program.

We have patented technological products in our basket. We are awarded as one of the winners of ELEVATE 2019, and recognized as one of the most innovative startups from Startup Karnataka, GoK. We are one among the finalists in Maharashtra Startup Week 2020 & National Startup Awards 2020.

We have built a state-of-art facility, which is ISO 13485 compliant and have necessary regulatory approvals in place for manufacturing. We have installed automated machines to increase the production capacity with a 10x jump in output to cater the demand and for timely supplies. We are also in process of obtaining CE (Conformite Europeenne) under EU to export our products.

We offer a wide range of products in different forms such as film, sheet, mesh, foam, powder, ointment, gel etc to treat all types of wounds such as clean wounds, non-infected wounds, infected wounds, difficult to heal and slow or non-healing wounds etc. Our products are easily accessible and affordable with than other imported products available in Medical devices category, although being unique, innovative and patented with excellent wound healing response.

We have a young and dynamic team in place with experienced and stable management and we look forward to making a difference in the wound management sector which is very promising with our superior technology derived from Silk.


We aspire to be one of the most comprehensive wound care Indian company catering to entire gamut of wound management, offering comprehensive solutions to entire wound care continuum. We want to set a perfect example of “Being Local Going Global” which is in line with our prime ministers’ vision of “Vocal for Local” & “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Salient Features

  • Silk protein derived wound dressings and solutions are First Time in India
  • Patented Technological Products
  • Make In India
  • Offers significantly higher benefits compared to traditional / conventional dressings
  • Natural protein, biomaterial & non-mammalian in origin
  • Bio-compatible, Non-allergenic, Non-cytotoxic – Completely safe to use
  • Actively participates in wound healing process & aids faster wound closure
  • Provide scaffold, promotes cell migration and cell attachment
  • Reduces scar formation & has superior pain index
  • Cost effective – Requires minimal dressing change
  • Ease of removal, does not damage the peri-wound
  • Reduces frequency of dressing change – shorter nursing time
  • Increases comfort, faster healing & reduces complication of further infection
  • Significant reduction in cost of treatment for patients
  • Faster turn-around rates and decreased load on hospitals
  • Improves quality of life of people post healing
  • Affordable and easily accessible

Socio – Economic Impact

Effective utilization of cut cocoons and other by-products of sericulture industry for value addition

For Sericulture farmers & Industry

  • India is the second largest producer of silk in the world. We are creating industry to utilize by products of sericulture industry for value addition and providing employment to many
  • Sericulture farming provides jobs for about 10.6 Lakh people in Karnataka & over 80 Lakh people across the country, directly & indirectly. It is practised in 52,360 villages across India
  • Non textile applications of silk, enhance earnings of farmers and improves the economics of silk production.
  • Large amount of silk is wasted in the value chain from reeling to weaving; which is used to develop innovative and cost-effective wound healing solutions

For Woundcare Industry

  • Make in India products
  • Affordable and cost-effective for the patients
  • Lowers hospitalization costs for patients, reduces the duration of hospital stay due to faster turnaround time
  • Can treat and heal different type of acute and chronic wounds like Diabetic foot ulcers, other acute and chronic wounds
  • Minimal dressing changes, reduces nursing staff / doctors time and load on hospitals
  • Increases the quality and longevity of life of patients
  • Fastens the healing of Diabetic ulcers, chronic and non-healing wounds and ischemia etc.

Website: www.fibroheal.com

Email ID: fibroheal@gmail.com / vivek.mishra@fibroheal.com

Phone no: 9060879287

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