Infographic: Breastfeeding Advantages and Benefits with Contraindicating factors on Maternal and Infant health outcomes

Breast  milk  is  far  superior  and  unique  for  feeding  infants.  It  is  of  changing  composition  as  it  is  the  secretion  of  the  mammary  glands  rather  than  a  uniform  body  fluid.  There  are  a  lot  of  changes  between  different  stages  of  milk  secretion  like  foremilk,  hindmilk,  colostrum,  transitional  or  mature  milk.  The  changes  are  also  observed  during  the  course  of  lactation  and  even  between  different  timings  in  a  day.  Tremendous  research  studies  have  highlighted  its  nutritional,  developmental,  social,  immunological,  psychological,  economic,  environmental  and  health  related  benefits  due  to  breastfeeding  practice  and  from  breast  milk  itself.  Both  maternal  and  infant  health  outcomes  were  found  to  be  improved  in  both  developing  and  industrialized  countries  in  the  world. 

The ‘fungus’ infecting Covid patients in India

The devastating second Covid wave left Indians baffled. On top of it emergence of secondary infections due to fungus further aggregated the situation. Mucormycosis is a fungal infection caused by the exposure to mucor mould, commonly found in soil, air, spoiled food, decaying fruits and vegetables. To raise awareness about Mucormycosis, we teamed up withContinue reading “The ‘fungus’ infecting Covid patients in India”